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General Liability

Offers protection for a business against bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage resulting from the business's operations, products, or incidents on its premises.

Commercial Auto

Don't let vehicle-related damage slow down your business. Ensure coverage for dents, tows, and damage to others' vehicles. Enhance protection with coverage for rentals and employee vehicles.


Workers Compensation

For businesses with employees, this provides essential coverage for medical expenses and lost wages in the event of a workplace accident. Don't overlook the importance of protecting yourself as a business owner.

Business Owners Policy

Consolidate general liability and commercial property into a convenient package with a Business Owner's Policy (BOP). It's an excellent choice for safeguarding your business with a physical location, equipment, inventory, and customer interactions.

Builder's Risk

Protects against damage to a construction project resulting from weather events, fire, vandalism, or theft. In the event of unexpected harm to the structure or materials on your construction site, this coverage funds the necessary repairs or replacements to ensure the project can resume smoothly.

Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance offers businesses a range of coverage options to safeguard against data breaches and cyber security issues. The inevitability of a breach makes this insurance crucial.


Contractors Bonds

In case the contracted party fails to fulfill its obligations as per the agreed terms, the contract owner can make a claim against the bond to recover financial losses or in accordance with a specified default provision.

Tools & Equipment

Enhance your general liability insurance with a tools and equipment upgrade. In case your gear is damaged or stolen, we'll work our magic to swiftly replace them.


Performance Bonds

Serves as a financial guarantee to one party in a contract, protecting against the failure of the other party to fulfill its obligations. Typically issued by a bank or insurance company, a performance bond ensures completion of projects as agreed upon in the contract.

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Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance is tailored for businesses like yours, providing protection against various risks such as fires, theft, and lawsuits from customers or employees. These policies are designed to address the specific needs and challenges that small businesses may face.

The specific business insurance required varies based on your business’s risks, taking into account factors like state laws, lease obligations, and client contracts.


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